The Major Causes Of Damage In Fences

Damage In Fences

The fence around a property provides plenty of benefits to the property owner. A properly installed fence can prevent or minimize trespassing incidents, burglary, unwanted animal intrusion, etc. Apart from the practical and functional benefits, the fence can also improve the visual appeal of the property. Though fence is manufactured to withstand tough condition, they too can get damaged due to various reasons. You have to hire a local fence repair company to fix the damaged fence. Leaving the damaged fence unattended can lead to various problems in your garden. If you are looking for great gardening tips, you can refer this website –

The fence could get damaged due to various reasons. Children climbing on the fence can cause serious damage. So, you should instruct the children to not play near the fence. Sometimes cars can get hit and damage the fence due to accidents while taking a reverse. To avoid such situations, you should fix reflectors on the fence. The damaged fence can increase the risk of intrusion, trespassing and also impact the aesthetics of the overall property.

Harsh Weather Conditions
Harsh weather is one of the main and prominent reasons for the fence damage. Things like hurricane, heavy rain, storm and flooding can significantly damage the fence in a short span of time. It is really hard to prevent the damage due to harsh weather. You should try to fix the damage as soon as possible to ensure the protection of your property.

Inappropriate Use
The fence can also get damaged due to inappropriate use. For example, hanging heavy and large decoration on the fence could lead to damage. It is always better to use lighter decoration on the fence during holiday and festive occasions. Don’t use the fence for things for which it is not intended. Also, avoid hanging heavy pots and signs on the fence.

So, how can you ensure that your fence remains functional all the year round? Here are the ways you can do it:
As a responsible property owner, you should spend time and money on preventive maintenance. This type of maintenance will help the fence from getting damaged. In case of wood fence, painting is considered as one of the important maintenance activities. Painting helps the wood stay protected from the mold, mildew and rot damage. The paint surface effectively shields from the sunlight and weather elements making contact with the wood.

Wood Treatments
Treating the wood is also a good way to protect the wood fence. Applying sealant over the wood will preserve the wood from water damage. Properly treating the wood will prevent cracks and drying out. Applying a sealant is very important if you are not painting your fence.

Keep Off Moisture
Ensure that your fence stays from the water as much as possible. Remove the stagnant water near the fence and try to keep the area around the wood fence as much dry as possible.

Immediate Attention
If you find any damage to your fence, then you should address it immediately. If you don’t fix immediately, then the damage can become even bigger, leading to costly repairs. By hiring a reliable fence repair service, you can have your fence repaired effectively in a short span of time.


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