Rats Are Great Pets- Here’s Why

ratsWhen you are thinking of a pet for your kids which is affordable regarding maintenance you think of rabbits, hamsters or a guinea pig. But there’s pet which is underrated, and that’s the rat. Should you have rats as a pet? When you think of rat, the stereotypical thought that comes to mind is that of them hovering around in thrash, but they are intelligent, gentle, clean and affectionate and can make great domesticated pets. So, yes you should buy rats as a pet. www.Petguide.com reports that approximately there are only about 3% pet owners who have rats as pets, but this figure can change when people get to know rats as pets and not as a scavenger. Here are a few reasons why rats make great pets

Intelligent: Ever wondered why rats are often used for studies, because they are smart. They are very playful and can make up games with any material they come across be it a ping pong ball or even a piece of paper. They are adept at solving puzzles and problems.

Clean: Like cats, they have a tongue which is rough which helps to clean their coats and keep them clean from any dirt or dust. In fact, they keep themselves more immaculate than cats do as they groom themselves very regularly. As they are so intelligent they can be trained to use litter boxes and hence the cage they are kept in is clean.

Curious: Rats are great personalities, they are affectionate, curious and loyal. Once they get used to the environs they are staying in they come into their own and start to display their personality better. Like all other pets, every rat has a different character some are quiet, and others are energetic. They can even show their affection towards you in the form of licks on your face, arms or fingers.

Low maintenance: Rats are very low maintenance, unlike hamsters or gerbils which is very gentle rats are very robust. The food they consume can be anything from a rat blocks which is nutritional pellets to foods found in your kitchen like peas, bananas, broccoli. Dietary pellets can be found in pet stores.
Cleaning of the cage is also a quick and an easy job. All you have to do is take out any bedding, clean the pen with water and a cleaning solution. Allow it to dry, put back the bedding, and the rat’s cage is cleaned and ready to use. Depending on your convenience, you can clean the cage once a week or fortnightly.

Great pet for kids: Rats can be great pets for children. Unlike other kinds of pets, they don’t bite which it makes perfect for kids to play with. They are also comfortable to hold and are calm as they do not jump out or make movements which are fast. Moreover, they do not need attention as they sleep during daytime as they are awake during the night. That does not mean they do not like spending time with the kids, they like to be petted and are very social.


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