One Hour Courier or Same Day Courier – Choosing the Right Courier Services


A number of same day couriers apart from offering same day delivery offers delivery within an hour of the order. Though this might seem absurd, it is totally possible. For courier services that involve biological and medical matter, delivery within an hour is of prime importance. Such courier services have very high success rates for the completion of the delivery within an hour.

More about one hour courier or same day courier services

The question that might arise is how is it possible? Well, it is due to communication. Constant communication is maintained with drivers using GPS units. Routes are sent through GPS, and thus, resulting in no wastage of time. Even before drivers are back from their last delivery, they have instructions regarding the next delivery. The above mentioned method saves a lot of time leading to successful one hour delivery service. One hour deliveries do have some boundaries limiting the services to a single city. One hour delivery services are provided only if courier services provider feels that they can deliver successfully within an hour, hence limiting their scope. Even if courier service claims to deliver within an hour, they do not have control over various factors such as traffic or breakdown. Thus, you must carefully analyze the contract details so that you have a better understanding of what may happen if any such trouble arises, and delivery is not on time. E Shipper provides you courier services keeping your convenience in mind.

Things to look out for before choosing courier services

Businesses like law firms, hospitals, and architecture companies prefer one day courier services shipment of crucial documents which are time bounded. While you choose a courier service, you must be sure if you require within an hour courier service or same day courier service. Once you have decided, you must enquire the service provider about the main area of service. Do not forget to negotiate the rate depending on the distance. At times, extra charges are there if services are provided outside a certain area. After some research, you will end up with an apt same day courier service or one hour delivery service. E Shipper will aid you in all courier services.


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