Battle Of LED Lights And HPS Lights For Indoor Farming

Lights For Indoor FarmingBefore you decide to choose the method of indoor farming you need to know the procedures on how it is done, the essentials of this method of farming and finally the pros and cons involved along with the challenges. To gain particular knowledge about indoor farming, log on to LED lights entered the market very recently. After the arrival of these smart LED lights in indoor cultivation, the availability of the fruits is really good and is even at a high quantity. This has created a revolution in the cultivation industry as the farmers were worrying for years due to low sun light and the low yielding farms that result in the shortages of the fruits in the market. This new LED lights are providing the best quality lights that are equal to the High Pressure Sodium lights. Because of this the LEDs have become the rival for HPS in terms of size and yield of the fruits. The LEDs entries have become the threat for HPS. These LEDs come with triple or double optical lens that intensifies the dispersion of lights.

The LED lights now have the ability to compete with the light of HPS. The newly introduced ratios and the wavelength of the LEDs are the factors that have turned the LEDs to the most important and the effective source of light for indoor cultivation. Earlier the lights had a limited spectrum namely red, orange and blue. But the revised wavelength covers the whole spectrum and to include colors Red, blue, green, yellow, orange, infrared, ultra violet and 2700 to 7000k white.

These wavelengths would play a major role in turning the low yields into high yields by increasing the growth yields of the fruits. The triple and double lenses that come with the LEDs helps in adjusting the intensity of the light rays based on the type of plant and its requirement to grow efficiently.


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