A Bug Out Bag Checklist

bug out bag

A crucial step in being prepared for any disaster is to have a need-based and well-thought bug out bag. With this kit handy, you will have all you need to survive for the next few days and also ensure that you safely depart immediately from the scene of an emergency. When you are unprepared, and a disaster happens you lose precious time looking for things you need and hence put yourself in danger. Building a customized bag is not difficult provided you have the time. There are many companies like http://www.survivalcrackas.com/bug-out-bag-list-essentials/ who have ready kits. As www.wsj.com/articles/preparing-for-disaster-the-new-york-way-1508855031 states, having a bug out plan available when you are in an emergency, you are in a relaxed state of mind and can make better decisions.
Before you jump into listing out the contents that the bug out bag should have, a few tips on the bag.

Bug out bag:
Yes, you should add all the contents needed for your survival for the next 72 hours, but think of what should go in and what not. You don’t want to leave behind must-haves for a few luxury things, try to find a balance by following the below.
The bug out bag that you have prepared for an emergency should be of comfortable weight. The general thumb rule is that the weight of the bag should be 25% of your weight. Carrying a heavy bag will not only hinder your movement from the place of danger but also may making walking long distances uncomfortable.
Keep things that you take simple. You do not want to carry your home in your bag. Things that are essential for your basic needs is all you should bring.
Self-sufficiency is the most critical thing when you are bugging out. You do not know when you will receive help. Pack things that can save space, avoid things that you will need in conjunction with something else.
Plan to carry things that should sustain you for the next 72 hours.
The goal of a bug out bag is only survival. Luxury items should be left behind as you do not need them for survival.

These are the essentials in any bug out bag:

Water for hydration: Carry water bottles or pouches of water which can last for the next few days. Carry a water filtering unit which will help you when you run out of bottled water. Iodine tablets are also essential.
Food: Food that you carry in the bag should be high on energy content. It should also be stuff which is ready to eat. MRE’s. Energy bars, trail mix nuts are all excellent source of energy.
First aid: A first aid kit should include tablets for pain relief, fever, and diarrhea. Burn, and pain relief ointments along with bandages, swabs, disinfectants, cold compress and a pair of scissors is a must.
Clothing: Depending on the location you are bugging out carry clothing according. But long pants, overcoat, socks and a few clothes to change is required.
Hygiene: It is essential to keep diseases and infections away, so always ensure you carry a toothbrush, toothpaste, soaps, detergents, toilet paper in your bag as a few necessary items.


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